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Imagine What is possible?! Join our organization to make a difference and help make our world a better place to live. OUR MISSION is to promote healing and enrichment to the quality of life of those in need.

Poverty and hunger are completely preventable in today's global economy.CES7 provides support, financial training and educational programs to individuals and organizations. We empower disadvantaged families, impoverished children, orphans,the elderly & troubled youth. - Empowering those in need in order to make a difference. OUR MISSION is to promote healing and enrich the quality of life for orphans, disadvantaged families, forsaken troubled youth and those in need.


Our Missions

The primary mission of CES7 is to support orphaned and abandoned children and ensure that they are in a safe orphanage environment.  Our goal is to not only shelter children but to support families, dissipate abuse and help rebuild individuals in ways that empower independence and self-sufficiency.  The purpose of this website is to educate the public on our mission, our progress and specific efforts that each of you can help us with.  Please feel free to register and join with us.  Tell us what you can do to help us meet our goals.  We are a group of people dedicated to our cause with all our hearts.


We also partner with other organizations and charities to provide much needed medical care in places where such care is greatly needed and beyond the reach of the impoverished.  Such care is in the spirit of our primary mission to support children and rebuild individuals and families which care for their children.

Please Donate to Our Medical Mission

After the success of our previous Medical Missions to the Philippines, CES7 traveled there once again this past January to provide even more much-needed medical care to those in the Philppines, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Your donation is crucial to providing the men, women, and children in the Bulacan Province with the medical care that they cannot otherwise afford or receive. With the majority of the 94 million people of the Philippines having limited access to medical treatment, many who suffer from debilitating or life-threatening illnesses have no option but to carry on without assistance.


Donations to the CES7 Medical Missions


Raffle Prize Drawing May 30, 2015


All in attendance at Raffle Drawing on Saturday May 30, 2015 at the home of Board

Member Lita Guidotti (front-center).  The $1000 first prize was won by Erik Echeverri

of Ontario, CA. The $750 second prize was won by Regina Kneisler of Desert Hot

Springs, CA.  The $500 third prize went to Arnel Salvador of Burbank, CA.  

Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to the participants.  The proceeds

from the ticket sales are being used to support our Medical Mission program in the


THANK YOU ERIK ECHEVERRI!!  The First Prize Winner Donated

back one half of his winnings to help the poor people of the Philippines

who have limited access to medical care.  We Applaud his generosity.

CES7 Interview

Interview with CES7 Founders Charles Santacrose and Yolanda Abaca, and then Vice President Bernadette Alvarez-Mohr.

Our Non-Profit status

We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible, and we are actively seeking corporate sponsors who plan on making a difference. Please donate or contact us so we can help you map out a charitable contribution plan.




Donations to the General Fund and Orphanage 


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CES7 Goals

Our goal is to make a positive humanitarian impact and offer solutions that make a difference to the disenfranchised of our world.

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