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CES7 is actively working in the Philippines to change the lives of the impoverished. To continue our work and to provide new opportunities we need your help. Whether you would like to contribute to our medical missions in Bulacan, building an orphanage in Cebu, or future projects around the world, your donation to CES7 will go a long way to helping those suffering from poverty in the Philippines.


Donate to Our Medical Mission

One of the biggest drivers of inequality in the Philippines is the current cost of receiving health care, especially in areas that are currently underserved. A key contributor to this issue is the fact that so many medical professionals leave the country to work in other parts of the world, leaving critical shortages of skilled doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare workers in the country.

A tremendous financial burden exists on the patients despite efforts to incorporate a universal coverage system in the country. In a country where almost 28% of the population lives in poverty, medical care is unfortunately seen as a luxury that they can ill afford.

For this reason, CES7 has partnered with No More Poverty to create medical missions to the Philippines. In December 2012, we conducted our first medical mission, which was able to help provide much needed medical care to 36 men, women, and children.

We are currently planning a medical mission for summer 2013, but we need your help and support. Please donate now to help fund our next mission to help more patients in the Philippines in dire need of medical attention.


Donations to the CES7/NMP Medical Missions



Donate to Our Orphanage

Our primary mission is to provide the ignored children of the Philippines with a stable living environment, which we hope to achieve by building an orphanage in the Cebu province.

Cebu consists of a population of roughly 2.6 million people with the majority of the population under the age of 10. Urban areas are severely impacted by poverty and are resulting in a number of children that are in desperate need of a home.

CES7 intends to build an orphanage for orphaned and abandoned children in Cebu and with your help this goal can be within our reach. Please donate to help us build an orphanage for children in the Cebu province of the Philippines.


Donations to the General Fund and Orphanage 



Every dollar you can contribute to our goals will directly aid families and abandoned children the world over.

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